Forms Of ownership

Lawyers, economists & artists thinking together



January – February

FOO at PACT Zollverein Residency 


FOO at Money Lab 8 (Ljubljana)(upcoming)



Vienne at a residency with the Target Studio at Weisman Art Museum x Carlson Business School, University of Minnesota (US)

7 July – 6 September

Marko is an artist in residence at V2 Lab for Unstable Media, Rotterdam (NL).

30 May – 10 June

OPA presents work at the MC Gallery, New York (US).

25-26 May

Hackathon For Social Issues in the frame of The Hub of Tricks, Cheats & Love In Disguise at the G-MK, Zagreb. (more here)

21 May

Vienne talks about Welcoming the Foreign at the Bauhaus Museum (Weimar, DE)

1 February

Vienne presents Developing Community Capital at the European Modern Monetary Theory Conference (Berlin, DE)

7 March
Vienne presents: Inspirations from the Periphery: A Speculative Counter-Approach to Carry-trade Activity, with Giulia dal Maso at Money Lab #6 (Siegen, DE)

5 January

Group field research expedition to Veles, Macedonia.



Group forms under the umbrella of The Hub of Tricks Cheats & Love In Disguise project (G-MK).

About us

We are a group of artists based in Germany, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia working with lawyers and economists to imagine new ways of structuring value. We’re always happy to hear from people from different fields and open for collaboration.

You can reach us through info[at]formsofownership[dot]com.